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 The Soundtrack of Pascal Laugier's 2018 movie, Ghostland, composed by Georges Boukoff, Anthony D'amario & Ed Rig. 

Recorded by Anthony D'Amario & Ed Rig.
Mixed by Eric Chevalier & Anthony D'Amario.

Music Programmers : Anthony D'Amario & Ed Rig.
Piano : Georges Boukoff.
Cordes Piano : Elizabeth Merx (Recorded by Théo Croix)
Synthesizers : Ed Rig & Anthony D'Amario.
Guitars : Ed Rig & Guillaume Boisseau (A Story).
Violin : Yves Teicher & Théo Croix.
Vocals : Aura Lacaze
Sound Engineer : Théo Croix.

Primitive Origins Part I - Anthony D'amario & Ed Rig
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